Theft Causes Groot Aub Water Shortage

SUSPECTED water theft could be the reason behind dry taps in Groot Aub – a settlement of more than 5 000 – which is situated about 40 kilometres outside Windhoek.

A frustrated Khomas Rural Constituency councillor, Frederick Arie, confirmed yesterday that some people at Groot Aub are tapping into the water supply system illegally.Groot Aub, which has been incorporated into the Windhoek municipality, gets its water from a reservoir which is fed by three boreholes.

The Windhoek municipality extended its boundaries to make provision for land to cater for future development.

Arie said although he has warned Groot Aub residents against the habit, it was time the Windhoek municipality did something to rectify the water situation.

“They must take responsibility or else give up Groot Aub,” Arie said.

Windhoek municipality spokesperson Joshua Amukugo yesterday said he could not comment on the illegal water connections because he was still on leave.

Amukugo, however, referred The Namibian to NamWater saying the water utility was dealing with Groot Aub’s water-related issues, but NamWater spokesperson Johannes Shigwedha denied this.

“Like I pointed out to you last year, Groot Aub was gazetted as part of Windhoek, thus the municipality is responsible. We will have a press statement out tomorrow on this issue,” Shigwedha said.

A Groot Aub community development committee member, John Kamure, told The Namibian yesterday that there were more people in Groot Aub now.

“Research showed that Groot Aub can only handle about 2 000 people. Now that there are more here – some legal and others illegal – the water cannot cater for everybody. That is why some people have resorted to illegal water connections. Before the water reaches us, it first goes to them,” Kamure said.

Source : The Namibian