There will be no reconciliatory co-existence between descendants of genocide victims, Germans: Council for Dialogue

TSAU: The OvaHerero/OvaMbanderu Council for Dialogue on the 1904 Genocide (OCD-1904) says there will be no reconciliatory co-existence between the descendants of the genocide victims and Germans without a ‘comprehensive process of restorative justice’.

The OCD-1904 Secretary-General, Ueriuka Festus Tjikuua said the council will not rest until an unconditional admission of responsibility, official apology and ‘just compensation’ is made by the German government.

Tjikuua, who also serves a senior traditional councillor in the Kambazembi Royal House, made the remarks on Saturday during commemorative activities at Tsau in Botswana.

According to him, the Bundestag (German Parliament) made reasonable progress when it passed a resolution on the OvaHerero Genocide on 16 June 2004, but it, however, fell short of meeting expectations when it failed to render an unconditional apology.

He said the resolution failed to acknowledge the atrocities and despicable acts committed against the OvaHerero by the Germans as acts of genocide.

Tjikuua also dismissed the Namibia-German Special Initiative as a possible act of remorse on the side of Germany, noting that the idea behind the initiative was unilateral and hegemonic.