There’s No Keeping KK Down!

After a few setbacks and three years away from the music scene, one of Namibia’s best male rappers, Kadeen Kaoseb, better known as KK is back.

This time with Start from scratch, his second solo album that proves that KK is here for the long run and he is about to outrun most rappers. In the intro, KK brings in a new level of emotion. He tells it all and reminds listeners of his capabilities, his thoughts on the music scene, and people in it and how some people especially close friends pray on his downfall.

With track two, Watch me, featuring Truth, KK celebrates where he is now, his victory and what he is all about. Down girl and No 1 Killa is probably two of my favourite songs on this album, simply because KK shows his soft spot on this mid tempo tracks. He talks about this one girl who stands out from the rest featuring Desmond Katamila, better known as Lil D, on both hooks adding a smooth and rich choruses to his amazing high notes.

On Rockin J’s featuring Stitch, KK leave listeners with a new taste in their mouth when he knocks it down with a trap sound. Ladies will surely enjoy twerking on this one as it gives a seductive concoction. This song is an instant vibe changer. KK doesn’t shy away from his hood on the track Katutura Kid as he reveals what you can expect in Katutura, representing with tied punch lines and an energetic flow.

Work it out is also another awesome soft spot song from KK as well as Gravity which reflects on who he is and saying how no one can hold him done. No more has reggae feel to it and KK goes hard on this one, the song features KB, Mabosh and Rush. The last track on the album Victor clearly shows his potential and why he is one of the best of the best.

Overall, KK’s punchlines and lyrical content is what makes this album worthwhile. Start from scratch is a storytelling album showing how KK had to grind like that to shine like this. KK proves that anyone can surely get to know or understand him through his music.

Source : New Era