Thieves Target Outjo Lodges

OTJOZONDJUPA regional police have urged lodge owners around Outjo to tighten security and report any suspicious movements by unknown people on their premises.

Police acting regional commander, deputy commissioner Moses Khairabeb told Nampa in an interview yesterday that thieves are targeting lodges around Outjo, using systematic house breaking tactics.

He said thieves broke into the Toshari Lodge and the former Nawa-Nawa Lodge that is now known as Kutara Lodge.

Tourists’ cell phones, cameras, cash and laptops, which were kept in their rooms, were among items stolen during the break-ins.

Khairabeb said the suspected thieves broke into the Toshari Lodge, probably on Monday, at an unknown time when tourists, who were staying at the lodge, had gone out for a breakfast and game viewing.

The thieves stole cameras, cash and cell phones.

On Tuesday morning, according to Khairabeb, several sleeping rooms at Kutara were also broken into using similar tactics when foreign visitors were out for breakfast.

Valuable goods like laptops, cash, cell phones and cameras were also stolen from the rooms at Kutara.

Cases of break-ins at these two places have been already been opened at the Outjo police station.

The total value of the stolen goods and cash in both cases is yet to be determined, Khairabeb said.

Khairabeb aised lodge owners in and around the Outjo district to be vigilant of thieves targeting their properties to steal.

“I urge them to tighten their security systems at their lodges, or call us when they suspect strange movements by unknown persons on private property,” he said.

No arrest has been made so far in connection with these two thefts, and police investigations are continue. – Nampa

Source : The Namibian