Three Arrested for Bribing Driving Licence Applicants

THREE con artists were arrested for bribery and impersonating NaTis officials at Eenhana on Friday.

The con artists, who are said to have been regulars at the Eenhana NaTis Centre, were caught red-handed after they had tried to demand money from driving licence applicants.

NaTis Eenhana supervisor Mandume Ndawedapo said the notorious group of three young men had been terrorising several applicants by trying to get their contact details for some time.

“As a result, many people were promised ‘valid’ driving licences and had to pay large sums of money,” said Ndawedapo.

Ndawedapo said that the practice has been going on since February this year.

The suspects whose identities cannot be revealed until their court appearances, are said to be in custudy at the Eenhana police holding cells.

Ndawedapo further warned the public to avoid falling prey to scammers and to always do valid transactions inside the Natis buildings.

Source : The Namibian