Three Lions Poisoned in Kunene

THREE lions and two jackals were killed by poison in the Kunene region and their bodies burnt in order to hide the crime.

Nampol spokesperson, deputy commissioner Edwin Kanguativi, yesterday confirmed that police have already investigated the matter, involving four suspects, which took place in the Anabeb Conservancy, sometime in the past month. He added that police have already sent the statements from the suspects to the Office of the Prosecutor General where a decision will be made on whether criminal charges will be laid and the matter taken further.

No arrests have been made, and the matter is being linked to human-wildlife crime.

Kanguativi said that the suspects claim that one or more “predators” allegedly killed “an ox and a zebra” within a number of days. In retaliation, the suspects poisoned the flesh of the zebra carcass and laid it out as a deadly trap.

The next day, the suspects found the bodies of “two male and one female lion, and two jackals, already dead. They then allegedly burnt the carcasses in order to destroy the evidence”, Kanguativi said.

Unknown sources led police to the burnt bodies, uncovering the crime.

Source : The Namibian