Tikkie-Hakkies the Real Deal [opinion]

I know I am not anbsp fashionista – whatever that means, but today I will enter the territory of the paparazzi and the fashion police at my own risk. I have always believed clothes don’t make you you make the clothes.

That means that if Kandeshi wears eina shorts and looks divine in them, that doesn’t give me the ticket to do the same. We may not have the same physique or may not have the same status in society to cause havoc on the streets. For the most part, I think Namibians juvi nicely, but there are some things we need to iron out. Like, who died and declared that tikkie-hakkies were fashionable everywhere?

I run the risk of being tossed with beer cans the next time I go out to support my team Starlile a.k.a Okaserandu, but tjiri, must you wear those red pointy high heels to a soccer match as if you are off to some gala dinner somewhere at Okapuka Lodge? First, a soccer match is not a beauty pageant or fashion show, people go there to literally watch the game and do get angry when their teams lose. It’s a bad thing to take it out on the players and the rival team’s supporters, but these things happen and endanger other people’s lives and safety.

So, if you are there at the stadium looking like a porcelain doll in your tikkie-hakkies, I don’t know how you will dodge bottles and beer cans, unless you are the Lady of the Fifth Month who knows how to exercise in them heels and point out the middle-finger when you get befok. Second, Namibians lack proper nightspots and I understand that some people take soccer like it’s some kind of elegant entertainment sport. They want to show off the lay-by pakkie outfit they finally paid off through sweat and tears. I can’t blame them for wanting to look sexy like the Kardashians or the Tele Mundo girls of this world, but those television-show girls are trained to strut them tikkie-hakkies.

So, if you must wear them heels, make sure you don’t walk like a thirsty camel through the deep Sahara desert, because if I run into you, I would not know whether to laugh or wince with sympathy if you are suffering for beauty at the expense of your feet or knees. Thirdly, if you don’t have any means of transport and you must wear those tikkie-hakkies and don’t want to go back home after the game, because you dodged the zalie and toppie, put them in the handbag. Wear those now-in-style Tomy tekkies – I still don’t see the hype about them, but they are at least comfy.

Otherwise just put on those Angolan tep-teps, they mos come in colour-block colours. But prepare yourself to run away from bloodthirsty gcinas eyeing your bag and cell-phone after the match. I know tikkie-hakkies are a girl’s best friend, especially for those deprived of height, but I don’t think soccer is the best sport to attract bees to the honey. Even if you must suffer for beauty, you must know that guys do actually enjoy intelligent conversations with girls about soccer. Sorry Ngo!

Magreth Nunuhe

This is a repeat of a previous column as the writer is doing some bundu-bashing election coverage.

Source : New Era