Tim Ekandjo Donates N$50 000 to Kindergarten

MTC’s Chief Human Capital and Corporate Affairs Officer, Tim Ekandjo, yesterday donated N$50 000 and food to the Orphans’ Future Children of Hope kindergarten situated in Otjomuise’s 8ste Laan.

Ekandjo said the funds are meant to be used next year to buy food for children attending the kindergarten. “This donation means that there should be no children getting hungry next year, therefore you should buy food to feed all the children. I know you might be having other educational plans to implement and you might want to use a portion of the funds.”

He further said those that are successful should be able to pass down their success to help others succeed. “This is what I just did, I am helping the young ones so that they can succeed in their education and be able to help themselves later in life,” said Ekandjo.

Flavia Haipinge who is the teacher and principal could not contain her joy and appreciation for the donation, and plans to use some of the funds to revamp the ghetto in which they operate as it is not in good standard. The kindergarten was established in 2008 and has 160 learners.

Haipinge who is anxious about the approaching rainy season said: “If the budget allows, I will revamp the place wherever possible to seal the zincs to avoid the rain damaging properties and increase the number of chairs as there is a shortage.”

Source : New Era