Tjivasera, Rukoro Win Okanguindi Mini-Marathon

ALEX Tjivasera and Kapukire Rukoro won the senior men and women’s titles at the Okanguindi Mini-Marathon that took place for the third consecutive year in the Otjozondjupa region on 27 December.

Tjivasera beat Simau Mushila in a sprint to the line, to complete the 9,5km event in a new record time of 37 minutes 54 seconds. Mushila came second in 37:55 while Kayaker Tjamuaha came third in 39:21.

Rukoro won the women’s race in 1:14:10, followed by Ashley Kandingua (1:14:55) and Grace Tjatjitua (1:30:55).

About 130 athletes from Okanguindi and nearby villages participated, while a few participants coming from as far as Okatjoruu, Okavare, Omazera and Otjihozu.

The event was a vast improvement on the previous two years and the participants enjoyed the day as it was an open invitation where anyone from four years old up to the age of 60 could participate.

Participants could compete in either the walking or running categories, with children under the age of 10 and walkers over 45 covering 5km, while the rest covered 9,5km.

As usual, water points along the way were provided, while volunteers from the community availed their cars to serve as emergency vehicles.

Various members of the community were also awarded honorary medals for their exceptional achievements within the local community. The various prizes and medals were donated by the working young people who hailed from Okanguindi village and their friends from others areas who support the cause.

The biggest sponsorship came from Olgen Hewicke and his family (N$3 000), while the other sponsorships were as follows: Okanguindi residents (N$1 800) Wilson Billawer and family (medals and breakfast) West End Supermarket in Windhoek (N$400) Browny Mutrifa (additional gifts for winners) Kawerii and Lotte Kandingua (gifts for Under-10’s) and Seven Kamundu (gifts for Under 15’s).

This financial boost enabled the adult winners to receive N$400, with second and third-placed athletes receiving N$200 and N$100 respectively, while medals (gold, silver and bronze) were also awarded.

The Interim Okanguindi Village Marathon Committee is now poised to improve this event and to start early in 2015 to look for sponsorship and professional aice on how to transform this race into a charity event that will raise funds to assist needy members of the rural areas in Namibia in the future. In the meantime, anyone with constructive and professional aice on how to improve this rural event is requested to contact Hungiree Wilson Billawer (interim publicity and mobilisation officer) at 081 140 5673 Putens Tjihoreko (interim president) at 085 550 2246 or Seven Kamundu (interim chairman) at 081 301 4303.

The rest of the results were as follows:

Boys Under 10 (5 km):

1. Uasanapi Kutako 2. Gift Ndero 3. Avehe Kazondjandja

Girls Under 10 (5km)

1. Uakataviza Maiya 2. Kahepa Muyazu 3. Kakunomuua Muyazu.

Boys Under 15 (9.5 km):

1. Okeri Kahiru 2. Theo Rukambe 3. Uaraeua Katjivikua

Girls Under 15 (9.5km):

1. Tjeripo Rukambe 2. Tjipuroina Kutako 3. Vevangapi Maurihungurire

Veteran men running (9.5 km):

1. Katuri Katjivikua (1:06:50) 2. Uapandera Tjivasera (1:06:59) 3. Teacher Tjikumise (1:15:30)

Elderly women walking (5km):

1. Kaenda Tjivasera (55:10) 2. Hongerua Meroro (55:20) 3. Nanuu Rukoro (1:07:50)

Women Walking (9.5km)

1. Uataviza Kahiru 2. Maandero Riruako 3. Okeri Billawer

Men Walking (9.5km):

Jakura Kazonganga 2. Uatiza Tjirue 3. Kapapama Kamundu

Source : The Namibian