Tjombe to Continue As Acting Ovaherero Chief

The Ovaherero Traditional Authority on Saturday reaffirmed that the acting Ovaherero chief, Tumbee Tjombe, will continue as acting chief with full backing of the Ovaherero Chief’s Council.

At a briefing at the Ovaherero Commando, spokesperson Jonathan Katjimune said the decision was taken during the meeting held between 15 and 18 July at Omusarakumba, 20km west of Okahandja.

Katjimune said Tjombe will be acting chief till 22 -24 August when the Ovaherero Senate will meet to deliberate on the way forward that will include deliberations on how long Tjombe will be acting as chief.

“During the same period there shall also be a tombstone unveiling of our late paramount chief Kuaima Riruako,” he said.

Furthermore, the chief’s council stated they will consolidate co-operation with other chiefs.

“In line with the Otjimbingwe resolution, the chief’s council has re-affirmed this resolution to extend and seek cooperation with other traditional leaders and communities. In this regard our late paramount chief Kuaima Riruako already established a cooperative relationship with the Ondonga Traditional Authority and Oukwanyama Traditional Authority,” Katjimune said.

He said the legacy of Riruako on the issue of genocide and reparation will be close to their hearts and be pursued until restorative justice is achieved.

He also praised the government for granting the late chief a befitting state funeral.

Source : New Era