TN Mobile Partners CAF

Telecom Namibia Managing Director Frans Ndoroma believes that hosting the TN Mobile 2014 Caf African Women Championships represents the realisation of a dream for the country.

The eight-nations Championships, which will take place in Windhoek from 11 to 25 October, represents the biggest international sporting event ever to be staged in Namibia.

Ndoroma, whose company – through their TN Mobile brand – are the title sponsors for the continental women’s football spectacle, said Namibia was taking the necessary steps to consistently attract more high-profile sport events.

Ndoroma said that the decision to sponsor the tournament was two-fold – primarily it is a strategic business move but it should not take away from the ambition to promote the country’s ability to stage an event of the magnitude of the Caf Women Championships.

“As a fully-fledged state-owned enterprise, we pride ourselves with a deep-rooted sense of duty to support corporate social investment initiatives and Telecom has a proud record of achievements in all aspects of special responsibility, especially in sport, i.e., netball, boxing and hockey,” Ndoroma said at the official launch of the tournament.

“As such, our involvement in football is new for us however we will piggy-bag on our laudable track-record of community development programmes and making a resounding success of our N$6 million deliberate investment in the TN Mobile Caf Women Championships is not negotiable.

“Telecom was always at the forefront of empowering initiatives to lead women towards self-realisation and the TN Mobile Caf Women Championships, especially here at home is a confirmation of this fact,” said Ndoroma.

Telecom’s announcement to date represents the only involvement by Namibian businesses in the tournament.

NFA president John Muinjo added that to host the biennial competition is a milestone achievement worth celebrating.

“I’m delighted and proud to announce that Namibia will host the Caf Women Championships in October. Our objective is to get more events of this nature in future. We should not leave any stone unturned and not rest on our laurels so that we ensure that we host an unforgettable tournament,” said Muinjo.


According to Caf marketing representative Salah Ben Meftah, Namibian businesses stand to benefit immensely by aligning with the event given its international appeal.

“It is very important for Caf that local companies come on board to support this tournament and support women’s football. It is an indication that it can be a successful competition,” said Ben Meftah.

He added that a successful hosting of the competition will most certainly guarantee more lucrative Caf events for the country.

“It is a very important event for Namibia to demonstrate its capability to host a major tournament. Caf’s expectations are high but I’m sure Namibia can achieve them.

“I am confident that this will be a successful tournament. TN Mobile’s involvement is a sign,” the Egyptian administrator added.

The competition has served as a qualifying tournament for the Fifa Women’s World Cup every other year since its inception in 1991.

Namibia, who will be competing in their first Championships, will do well to reach the latter stages of the tournament, said Ben Meftah.

“I’m sure Namibia will want to have a good tournament and qualify for the 2015 World Cup in Canada.

“I wish this tournament will be successful and all Namibians must come to support the participating teams.

“We wish to see stadiums with maximum attendance,” Ben Meftah said.

Source : The Namibian