Tnamrock Calls for Solutions to Gender Based Violence!

Tnamrock is calling on everyone to attend its national project that aims at uniting Namibian men to stand together and protect their women and children against all kinds of violence on April 26 at the Zoo Park.

The event with the slogan ‘Namibian men stand up’ will focus on ways to change or create new ideas that will protect, save lives and make the motherland the most peaceful and safest country in the world and also to help the youth and everyone attending the event to learn how to love and how to overcome problems without violence. According to the event organiser and Tnamrock founder, Lukas Oscar, this is an opportunity to join minds, hands, to plan ,create solid, matured and positive ideas that will help limit or totally alleviate violence. “Our mothers and fathers, we appeal to you to support and help us fight all kinds of violence. We will all leave our profession and titles at home, remove the uniforms and come as Namibian men, an uncle, brother and father with an idea to do everything possible to protect and end the violence that are mostly done on our grandmothers, aunts, sisters, daughters and mothers of our nation.”

“This will be the first and only time in Namibia we will plan and create real solutions together with our honourable leaders as a nation. We created this project as an opportunity to work together with our leaders to change or create new ideas that will protect, save lives and make our motherland the most peaceful and safest country in the world,” says Oscar. He adds that this event is different from all the shows and campaigns that ever took place in the country as it plans to inspire, motivate and unite all Namibians, mostly men to think and create ideas that are g and matured to protect our women and children by alleviating all kinds of violence. “We haven’t planned this event to fight and blame one another, and we are not aiming at pointing fingers to men or to women because four of those fingers folds and point back at us. We are searching for answers to solve the inhumane problems that affect and destroy us all. The ideas we are looking for must be positive and should be able to be presented to our president,” he says.

He adds that men have been failing to do the only thing that defines them as real Namibian men. “Namibia is our home, our house of peace and in every house a woman is a mother, a care taker and a man is a father, a provider and a protector. We are tired of saying ‘stop killing women’, ‘stop baby dumping’. It’s time we act and protect our mothers together we can build a g wall.” says Oscar, adding that this is a chance for every individual to contribute on ending violence in the country.

This national project will start in Windhoek on April 26 at 11h30 and will also take place at the informal settlements in Windhoek on May 10 and later to 14 other towns, starting on the May 24 in Outapi and will end in Luderitz on the August 23 to have broader ideas countrywide.

There will also be various artists performing inspirational and heroic songs.

Entrance fee for men is N$30 at the gate and N$15 if wearing an awareness T-shirt given by any company or purchased individually. Women enter for free with or without a T-shirt. This fee that men are paying is a contribution that will help Tnamrock to take the event to other towns and give all Namibians an opportunity to take part. Tnamrock also request for sponsorships to make this event a success. Contact Lukas Oscar at 0817141259 or Lulu at 0817339462 for more information.

Source : New Era