Tobias Lambasts Spampool’s Handling of Shihepo Fight

Namibian boxing promoter Nestor Tobias has attacked South African referee Thabo Soampool’s handling of the recent WBC Silver light heavyweight fight between South Africa’s Johnny Muller and Namibia’s Wilberforce Shihepo.

In a recent article published in the Sowetan in South Africa, Tobias lambasted referee Thabo Spampool for the manner in which he handled the WBC Silver International light heavyweight bout between Wilberforce Shihepo and Johnny Muller.

In an exclusive interview with Tobias, he accused referee Spampool of being biased throughout the fight and allowing Muller to get away with murder, allowing Muller to throw punches on Shihepo’s back, throwing punches while Shihepo was on his knees and putting Shihepo under pressure with warnings and deducting points from Shihepo while allowing Muller to do the same. Muller basically wrestled Shihepo throughout the fight but the referee did not give him any warning or deduct points.

“I wonder why. Is it a coincidence that Spampool is always a referee when a Namibian boxer fights a South African,” Tobias said.

Spampool was in charge of a fight between Oscar Chauke and Namibian Gotlieb Ndokosho in 2010 and also when Isaac Chilemba fought Vikapita Meroro from Namibia in 2011.

Tobias then turned his ire on two of the judges of the fight, Joe Chaane and Eddie Pappoe.

“Their scorecards were wrong unless they were watching another fight. Shihepo did more than enough to win the fight,” he said.

Joe Chaane (South Africa), Eddie Pappoe (Ghana) and Daniel Can de Wiele (Belgium) were the judges. Chaane and Pappoe scored the fight 116-113 in favour of Muller and Wiele scored it 114-113 for Shihepo.

In response, Spampool laughed off Tobias’s accusations. “I warned both boxers on many occasions to make their fight governable. I deducted a point from Shihepo because I realised that he was doing fouls deliberately — hold and hit.

“I do things by the book. I’ve been to Namibia. I noticed that boxers there do what they want — push, hold and hit with the back of the hand, and they get away with it. That is against the book.

“I’ve got nothing against anybody in boxing. I am guided by rules and regulations which I followed even when I was still a boxer myself.”

Fight Supervisor on the night Peter Ngatane said Tobias was being unfair on Spampool. “Why single him out as if he was the judge?

“Look, Shihepo performed better than Muller. I would not have been unhappy had it been declared a draw, that’s why I have recommended that they do it again because it was a very close affair,” said Ngatane.

“Ngatane agrees that Shihepo was the better fighter, and he is right because I expect any experienced supervisor like himself to distinguish who the better boxer was,” said Tobias.

“As for Mr Spampool, he is clearly just defending himself but I am not surprised. How dare he judge the standard of Namibian boxers just to cover his back, he knows he should have deducted points from Muller on more than one occasion but we are not fools,” he remarked.

“The rematch between Shihepo and Muller in the upcoming Super Six in which both boxers will participate will be a fight to watch, and whether Spampool will be the referee again remains to be seen,” Tobias concluded.

Source : The Namibian