Tobias Optimistic About 2015 Prospects

There is a lot of optimism at the MTC Nestor Sunshine Boxing Academy camp as training for all boxers resumed as early as 5 January, with all the boxers reporting for training on time.

“We have worked very hard last year, and the year 2015 is geared towards reaping the fruits of our hard work,” said a confident Nestor Tobias, who is the trainer and promoter at the Academy.

“We invested incredibly in fights last year, with most of them fought on home soil and I am happy with the performances of our boxers. Despite the fact that we had only two major upsets, we look towards the future with renewed strength and confidence,” he added.

Tobias said his objective this year would be to get at least two world title fights for Namibian boxers, although they would most likely be away fights since the current champions are not likely to accept fights away from home.

“Paulus ‘The Hitman’ Moses, Paulus ‘The Rock’ Ambunda and Vikapita ‘Beastmaster’ Meroro are still sitting comfortably within the top five in their respective divisions and we will go all out to ensure they get to challenge for the world titles this year,” Tobias said. He however added that it would not be easy.

“We know it won’t be easy, because despite the fact that we have class fighters, the world bodies looks at three critical considerations which are your world rankings, the quality of opponents you fight and whether the fighter has existing TV rights deals with broadcasters which usually ropes in millions in revenue.”

“We comply with the first two criteria, but unfortunately our local circumstances don’t allow us to have mega million TV deals for our boxers, and that will forever count against us. but we will not allow that to deter us from realising our dreams. TV channels like HBO, Showtime, Sky and other stations around the world pay millions for boxing promoters to show fights and the bigger the revenue the better it is for the world bodies and local sanction commissions because they also benefit through an increased sanction fee which is usually part of the total budget of the fight,” Tobias said.

Tobias said they were also looking forward to retaining national and international titles with boxers like Prince Naidjala, Bethel ‘Tyson’ Ushona, Wilberforce Shihepo and Sacky Shikukutu, as well as other up and coming fighters like Sakaria Lukas, Jeremia Nakathila, Walter Kuutondokwa, Nathanael Kamati and Mike Shonena.

“We will reclaim Namibia’s boxing glory and the world will salute us once again for our bravery and excellence in world boxing,” Tobias said.

“I would like to thank our main sponsor MTC for their continued commitment towards boxing and of course thank the boxing fans who continue to support us. We wish them compliments and renewed strength and blessings for the new year,” Tobias concluded.

Source : The Namibian