Tobias Unfazed By Meroro Doubters

VIKAPITA Meroro’s trainer Nestor Tobias believes his fighter will make his doubters eat humble pie when the Beastmaster faces the current WBA International Cruiserweight champion Dmitry Kudryashov in Moscow later this month.

According to Tobias, Meroro is an accomplished fighter who deserves credit for having come this far in his career.

“We have taken note of those who claim that Meroro is not a worthy opponent because he has never faced world-class opponents which is a shame because you do not get rated number four in the world in such a competitive division if you have not faced world-class opponents,” Tobias said.

Citing Meroro’s record of 32 fights, 28 wins and four defeats to substantiate his argument, Tobias said Meroro merited his upcoming chance.

“Meroro’s record speaks for itself, so nobody has to speak on his behalf. He is the current WBO Africa Cruiserweight champion, and is rated number four in the world which is a magnificent achievement,” said Tobias.

“In boxing you do not get an invitation to fight a champion at this level if you are not recognised in the world, so Meroro has done very well for himself and for Namibia. You cannot argue against his record or talent. The allegation by prophets of doom that he only fought mediocre opponents is absolutely nonsense.

Tobias said Meroro will be representing Namibia and not only himself or the MTC Sunshine Academy when he steps into the ring in Russia, thus he needs nationwide support.

“You cannot be recognised in the world but in your own country some people discredit you. It’s a shame, a big shame,” he said.

“I have been training with Meroro since he was an amateur boxer and I know him very well and I believe in his boxing ability.

“He is a talented kid who is thirsty for success, and we have been pushing him to the limit in terms of training in preparation for this fight.

“We know it won’t be easy because he will be facing an undefeated champion but we go there with optimism. The Beast’s weight is under control and he was only 3kg over the cruiserweight limit last night” Tobias said.

Furthermore, Tobias is confident his stable will produce another world champion in the foreseeable future.

He said: “The MTC Nestor Sunshine Boxing Academy is blessed with professional coaches with a visionary leadership for boxing and we have produced two world champions so far which is a magnificent achievement for a country as small as ours.

“We have produced more than 10 world-rated boxers which is equivalent to what the whole of South Africa has. We know of promotions around the world that have been in existence for years and they can only dream of what we have achieved so far and yet you still have people who have the audacity to challenge our record. We should work together, build and motivate one another and not pull one another down.”

Source : The Namibian