Tony Figueira#39s #39Nikon Moments#39 At Nagn

Well known Namibian photographer and owner of Studio 77, Tony Figueira will host an exhibition titled ‘Nikon Moments’ in the National Art Gallery of Namibia (NAGN).

The exhibition will be opened by Hilda Basson-Namundjebo on Thursday, 26 June in the Main Gallery of the NAGN at 18h30.

Relating to the title of the upcoming exhibition ‘Nikon Moments’ Figueria expands that from an early age photography, along with drumming and playing sport, was a passion. Yet it was through sport and in particular football, that his early views of the world changed to such an extent that it would mould the future of his photography.

quotSport and the banning of our school from playing in the all-white schools leagues rocked my world. St Paul’s College was the first school to go multi-racial. We are talking about the mid to late 70s here. Our first black student joined our class and he was a phenomenal football player, scoring goals in just about every match,quot says Figuera.

He explains his love for Nikon, quotMy relationship with Nikon has dominated my life. It has been a love-hate relationship at times, and despite my owning medium format cameras such as Mamiya and having shot with other brands, I have developed a total love for Nikon, for its durability, its work-horse robustness and its brilliant lenses. It is what I know, what I am familiar with, and what my hand misses when it is not there. It is an extension of my eyes and mind, of how I capture the world, of how I continuously look for what’s missing in my frame, that if it was there, would make the difference.

Hence the reason for this exhibition. It is about particular moments that he has chosen to exhibit. Frames of frozen time. Children looking after children. A chameleon on the road. The clutches of football in the remotest of Africa. An elderly face riddled with wisdom. The ravages of war through the blurred motion of man on crutches.

quotAll adding up to moments that I have captured with a Nikon.,quot says Figueira.

quotTwo or three of the images have been exhibited before, but the rest have been dug out from my vast memory bank and depict moments that are as much about my subjects, as they are about me.quot

‘Nikon Moments’ will run until Saturday, 26 July.

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Source : The Namibian