Top ECN Officials Urged to Resign

Swapo’s Oshikoto regional coordinator Armas Amukwiyu said the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) should volunteer to resign after overseeing an election process that turned away thousands of voters.

He said ECN should re-open the polls and allow people, who did not vote, to exercise their constitutional right of electing their leaders.

“The ECN leadership, including the director should volunteer and resign so that they can be replaced with patriotic Namibians who will fulfill their duties,” he said.

“I gly condemn the manner in which ECN officials handled the polling stations,” he said.

Amukwiyu, a regional leader highly rated by Swapo presidential candidate Hage Geingob, said ECN failed to turn up at more than four stations planned for mobile polling stations in Oshikoto Region.

“ECN was either intentionally or they were not capable of their mandate. You cannot deny the citizens their constitutional right. ECN should find a way to accommodate the people who did not vote.

“People stood in queues from 05h00 to 21h00 just to be told that the mobile polling stations would not arrive,” he said.

The unhappy Amukwiyu said thousands of people missed out on voting because ECN failed to show up.

“Swapo and other parties were supposed to get votes,” he added.

The Namibian witnessed some mobile polling stations in Ohangwena and Omusati showing up at 20h00 on Friday night.

More than 300 people were waiting in the queue for a mobile polling station in Omusati that showed up at 20h00 – an hour before closing time.

Some had slept at polling stations but could still not cast their vote the next day or they did so very late.

Source : The Namibian