Trade Union Congress of Namibia condemns government plans to declare the media, railway transport, others as ‘essential services’

WINDHOEK: The Trade Union Congress of Namibia (TUCNA) has strongly condemned government plans to declare the media and other services such as railway transport and mining as ‘essential services.’

TUCNA President, Paulus Hango, made the remarks during a media briefing here on Friday, following media reports earlier this month that the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare plans to classify these sectors as services essential.

The union expressed its position regarding Government’s recommendation to declare courts, the media – which includes print, electronic television and radio – as well as rail transportation and mining operations as essential services.

TUCNA noted that this will lead to exploitation of workers in these industries.

The union made its position clear that it would not allow workers’ rights to strike to be taken away, since the workers have the right to strike if they are subjected to harsh treatment by their employers, or when they seek an improvement in their condition of employment.