Traditional Leader and Wife Stabbed to Death At Festival

The annual festival of the Blouwes community turned into a tragedy on Friday when a member of the traditional authority and his wife were brutally stabbed to death in full view of festival-goers.

Ricky and Alta Bloodstaan, both in their forties, were killed after an argument erupted over the lighting of a fire on the festival grounds. A third person who was also stabbed by the attacker escaped death by running away. The incident took place during the annual traditional festival of the community.

A senior member of the traditional authority, Johannes Barmahn, confirmed the killing. A suspect was arrested and will appear in court this week. Blouwes is situated some 60 kilometres north-east of Keetmanshoop in the Karas Region. The police when contacted for comment yesterday could not provide further information as investigations were still ongoing. Sources close to the deceased said a feud between the factions in the traditional authority could be the reason for the attack. Ricky Bloodstaan served as secretary of one of the factions.

Because of the feud people were reportedly aised to refrain from holding festivals until peace talks took place.

Source : New Era