Trans-Kalahari Cycle Tour for Angels

This Sunday sees approximately 20 adults and 20 children cycling from Buitepos to Swakopmund as part of a fund-raising effort by Huis Maerua and Welwitschia schools.

Jack Enright, Manager of Huis Maerua said they would embark on the ‘Trans-Kalahari Cycle Tour for Angels’ in an effort to raise funds for the children’s home to address a budget deficit of over N$650 000

OampL Leisure, the Ohlthaver amp List (OampL) Group of Companies’ leisure portfolio is sponsoring the cyclists with one night’s accommodation at its Midgard Country Estate. “We look forward to our aenture and we would like to thank our generous supporters and sponsors such as OampL Leisure who will accommodate us for one night at the Midgard Country Estate. Without this kind of help it would not be possible.”

Bruce Hutchison, Managing Director of OampL Leisure expressed delight at being part of this noble cause: “I wish you all the best in achieving your goal through this fundraising initiative. At the same time I would like to encourage all Namibians and other corporates to support this worthy cause.”

Source : New Era