Transnamib Pays 20 000 Euros for Aert

FINANCIALLY troubled TransNamib splashed 20 000 euros (about N$280 000) on a single page aertorial published in a Japanese magazine in August last year.

The Namibian has learned that when the aertorial was published last year, the company only paid 7 000 euros, and that a balance of 13 000 euros is outstanding.

TransNamib spokesperson Ailly Hangula-Paulino yesterday said the company is investigating the circumstances around the aertisement.

She also said TransNamib management had resolved to settle the outstanding amount.

Hangula-Paulino said the aertorial was featured in support of the Ministry of Works and Transport’s information drive regarding transport and logistics in Namibia.

Although admitting that the article was costly, the parastatal said the aim was to attract and engage investors from the east.

Sources within TransNamib said the company was on the verge of being dragged to court for not settling the full amount.

Critics within the company pointed to the fact that TransNamib struggles to pay salaries, buy parts for their locomotives and fund other operational activities but opted to commit an expensive aert, which is considered much higher than what many publications in Southern Africa would have charged.

The TransNamib board of directors has instituted a forensic audit, which is widely believed to be targeting the suspended chief executive officer Sara Naanda, who is facing unknown disciplinary charges.

Source : The Namibian