Tribute to the Late Riruako

IT IS with a profound sense of loss and deep sadness that I pay tribute to the late chief Kuaima Riruako, member of parliament.

Chief Riruako had a distinguished career in the struggle for Namibia’s independence.

After Independence, he equally led a vigorous campaign against the German authorities over the genocide committed against the people of Namibia during the fateful events of 1904-8.

He gly felt that the German authorities must be held accountable for their part in the misdeeds. In the same vein, he also played a prominent role in the demand for the repatriation of the human remains of Namibians that were kept in Germany.

He will certainly be remembered for, amongst other achievements, the motion he introduced in the National Assembly, calling for the reparations in regard to the atrocities committed by German occupational forces in Namibia during 1904-8.

Chief Riruako will also be remembered as a bridge-maker who could not shy away from taking a forthright position if he believed it was in the interest of peace and stability of our country. A case in point was during the eve of Namibia’s Independence in 1989, when DTA supporters and Swapo supporters were at loggerheads.

The late Moseacute Tjitendero, founding speaker on the National Assembly and I approached Chief Riruako as leader of DTA to join Sam Nujoma as leader of Swapo in appealing for restraint amongst Swapo and DTA supporters and consequently, relative calm prevailed in those areas of the country where there were disturbances. As a parliamentarian and a leader of his community, chief Riruako was always on call to answer to the needs of his people and Namibia at large.

On behalf of myself, my wife and family, I take this opportunity to convey my heartfelt condolences to the bereaved wife, children and the rest of the family and friends of the late chief Riruako.

Source : The Namibian