Trucks Collide in Dust

Two trucks belonging to Anderson Transport crashed into each other yesterday along the Trans-Caprivi Highway outside Rundu.

The trucks were transporting liquor valued at an estimated N$342 566, which was to be delivered to Maqui Duty Free Bonded Warehouse in Katima Mulilo.

The two trucks were trailing each other from Windhoek to Katima Mulilo when they collided 55 km east of Rundu in the Mashare Constituency of Kavango West. The accident occurred at around 09h45.

The driver of the truck in front reportedly applied emergency brakes because the road ahead was dusty. A Broce Broom mechanical sweeper that was cleaning the road was creating the dust ahead of him. He applied the brakes and the truck behind crashed into his truck’s rear because of poor visibility.

“I was trying to avoid crashing into the moving machine, so I tried to overtake it. It suddenly appeared in the dusty road but I couldn’t go all the way to the other lane and I could not see if there was a car coming ahead so I just hit the brakes. But I avoided the Broce Broom. There was no road signs warning us to be cautious,” said Teofilus Nghihelekwa, the driver of the leading truck.

The Namibia Road Product which owns the Broce Broom was cleaning the road. The company is contracted by the Ministry of Works and Transport.

The driver of the truck which collided with the other truck from behind, Gerhard Namupolo, sustained serious injuries and was rushed to the Rundu hospital by a passing ambulance that was transporting a patient to the same hospital.

Source : New Era