Tshilongo to Launch a Series of Books

Tangi Mike Tshilongo, a published English author, is set to launch two books from his collection of manuscripts this month.

“I Am the Champion to the Solution of Gender-Based Violence”, a book that tackles issues of gender violence across the country as well as “God Bless Namibia’s Education”, a motivational book to encourage the youth to study hard, are scheduled to be launched on May 17.

“I Am the Champion to the Solution of Gender-Based Violence” is a tribute to Magdalena Stoffels, who was raped and murdered in Windhoek in 2010, aged 17.

Stoffels’ body was discovered in a riverbed near Bezuidenhout High School in Windhoek’s Khomasdal suburb. While “God Bless Namibia’s Education” is a tribute to the late minister of education Dr Abraham Iyambo, who died in 2013.

His other collections include “Ohamba Mandume ya Ndemufayo” in native Oshiwambo, which is currently on the shelves of selected shops in Ongwediva, as well as another tribute to the first President of Namibia Sam Nujoma’s mother, the late Helvi Kondombolo.

Other books lined up for completion before the end of August include a biography for Pashukeni Shoombe a former MP, Mauno Haindongo an Outapi-based business personality as well as Gazza’s father, the late Erastus Shiimi.

Tshilongo, a passionate writer about people’s lives and issues affecting the youth, says he draws inspiration from his father, historian Vilho Tshilongo.

“Writing is in the blood I follow in my father’s footsteps who is a historian and a great writer,” says Tshilongo.

He says his writing focuses on areas that are always not written about in order for history to be recorded and to influence people’s lives.

Tshilongo, who speaks keenly about the two books to be launched, says he targets the youth because they are at the helm of peer pressure and other destructive practices that can negatively influence their lives.

“In the gender-based violence book, I particularly focus on the causes of violence, the preventative measures as well as the solutions to root out such violence,” states Tshilongo.

Tshilongo, whose writing is drawn from his personal experiences as well as societal experiences, says his tribute to the late Iyambo is a motivational speech to the youth to take their education seriously.

“I was once young and I was troublesome at school too. When you are at that stage you need guidance and that is the platform that I am creating,” narrates the prolific writer.

Tshilongo, who has been struggling with the means to successfully launch his books, is pleading to the Oshana community to assist him in making his dream a reality.

“I want the Oshana community to open their doors for me, especially the businesspeople, when I knock at their doors for sponsorship, because without the support the event will not pull through,” says Tshilongo.

Source : New Era