Tsumeb Residents March Against Violence

Residents of Tsumeb took to the streets yesterday to demonstrate against gender-based violence as well as other violent crime that is on the increase in the town.

The group consisted of community activists, concerned residents and church leaders who together handed a petition to the Tsumeb Municipality, the Tsumeb constituency councillor Tangeni Tobias, and the acting regional commander of the Oshikoto Region, Willem Peter.

The petition highlights an urgent request to shebeen and bar owners to control their premises to prevent minors from entering and moreover selling alcohol to minors.

“Enough is enough of all these rapes, killings and unnecessary violence in Tsumeb. We would like to show our anger towards these barbaric acts, while we search for better coordination with all relevant authorities to fight perpetrators,” said the spokesperson of the group, Moses Awiseb.

Monique Muturi who received the petition on behalf of the chief executive officer of the Tsumeb Municipality, Archie Benjamin, said she would hand the petition to the relevant authorities but also urged the Tsumeb community to unite in other initiatives that fight crime in the town. “I would like to urge other members of the community also to join these efforts,” she noted.

Tsumeb constituency councillor in the Oshikoto region Tangeni Tobias said he was pleased that Tsumeb residents have taken steps to address the issue but asked parents and those caring for minors to instil discipline in their children as many have resorted to alcohol and drug abuse.

“I do not want to point fingers, but it is time for parents and adults to make sure their children are not out in the late hours of the night,” he said.

He further urged the police to arrest sheebeen and bar owners who fail to honour the conditions of their liquor licences. “The bar owners say we politicians take their bread out of their mouths, but they should be dealt with if they are selling alcohol to minors and also those that are operating illegally must be warned.”

Acting regional commander Peter said he was pleased that the community has pledged to assist the police in fighting crime.

“It is important that members of the public cooperate with the police in order for investigations to be completed successfully. We cannot catch criminals if people do not cooperate,” he said.

The group together with other stakeholders such as the police, political and religious leaders, as well as other members of the public will have a meeting this week Saturday at the Oscar Norich Stadium in Nomtsoub to discuss ways to curb violence in the town.

Source : New Era