TUCNA president accuses wholesale employers of exploitation

OSHAKATI: The president of the Trade Union Congress of Namibia (Tucna),

Paulus Hango says workers in the wholesale industry are being exploited and work under very difficult circumstances.

Hango said this at Oshakati on Saturday, during the congress of the Namibia Wholesale and Retail Workers’ Union (NWRWU).

He noted that apart from being exploited by employers, workers of multinational companies in supermarkets, wholesale outlets and the allied industry work without benefits.

“Firstly, they earn low salaries and some are employed by a third party, hired on large scale to perform the work of those multinational companies,” he stated.

According to Hango, some of the workers are also denied the right to join trade unions of their choice.

“We must denounce violation of freedom of association, the right to strike, including cross-border action, and the right to collective bargaining,” the Tucna president told fellow trade unionists.

Hango went on to say Tucna will mobilise national solidarity to have the violation of workers’ freedom of association and right to strike brought to an end in the Namibian labour market.

“We shall fight for the right to free choice, productive employment and social security for all,” he said, while on the other hand criticising employers who allegedly want to decide on behalf of workers what union they should join.

He added that he wants to see the growth and strength of an independent and democratic trade union movement being promoted in Namibia.

Oshakati Mayor Onesmus Shilunga also addressed the congress, and appealed to labour union leaders to encourage their members to be productive and good workers.