Tumour Ruins Life of Factory Worker

Forty-four-year-old Embrenzia Matroos an employee of NovaNam fishing factory in Luumlderitz is hiding herself as she has a tumour on her nose since birth, which just keeps growing.

She was born and bred in Luumlderitz and underwent an operation at the age of 19 at Tygerberg Hospital in Cape Town. Matroos never went back for a follow-up as she thought her face would get better.

After her operation her face seemed okay but she soon discovered the operation had affected her right eye.

In the meantime the growth on her nose kept on increasing in size, which makes it difficult for her to breathe properly and sometimes causes her excruciating pain.

Whenever she is in public, she tries to cover up her face as people would often laugh or make bad comments about her face, and even her work colleagues look at her differently.

Her condition not only affects her, but her youngest daughter as well who is 18 years of age and schooling at one of the schools in town. Some learners occasionally make unpleasant remarks about her mother and thus, she is not comfortable at school and no longer performs like she used to.

“Whenever she chats with her school mates, they always bring up the fact that I have a deformed face,” says a distressed Matroos who was very teary.

However, a group of six community members joined forces and approached Matroos saying they they were willing to give her a helping hand.

When they saw how Matroos would cover her face to hide herself, one volunteered to counsel her, which she says has helped her a lot.

These concerned community members are currently asking other good Samaritans for any aice on how Matroos can be helped and also for financial assistance for her to have reconstructive facial surgery, which will help her get back her self-confidence and self-esteem.

Source : New Era