TUN announces that a settlement reached on illegal deductions from salaries of its members who participated in 2012 teachers’ strike

WINDHOEK: The Teachers’ Union of Namibia (TUN) yesterday announced that a settlement has been reached on illegal deductions from the salaries of its members who participated in the 2012 teachers’ strike.

TUN president Mahongora Kavihuha announced this yesterday during a media conference in Windhoek.

He also indicated that government has agreed to stop issuing written warnings to the teachers who participated in the strike.

The settlement also entails that TUN will withdraw a dispute referred to the Labour Commissioner’s Office, while government shall withdraw all final written warnings issued to TUN members with immediate effect.

In September 2013, several teachers were issued with letters which indicated that money will be deducted from their salaries because they participated in the two-week strike that lasted until November 2012.

Meanwhile, Kavihuha said TUN will furnish the respondents with a list of all its members who did not receive a notice, but whose remuneration deductions were made, within 30 days from yesterday.