Two Infants Drown Over Weekend

Two infants drowned last week, said Sergeant Slogan Matheus from the Namibian Police Public Relations Division on Sunday. One drowned in Otjiwarongo and the other in Opuwo. Tjaanorutu Kurooro, 3, drowned at about 08h00 in Ozombombo in Opuwo when she allegedly went to fetch water with a bucket from a borehole. Kurooro fell into the borehole. The next of kin was informed.

On Saturday at 10h49 at Ombili location, Orwotoveni suburb in Otjiwarongo, one-year-old Nghilifavali Hamelenga drowned in a bucket of water. It is alleged the biological mother left Hamelenga with a neighbour when she went to fetch wood in the veld, and the neighbour left Hamelenga with other small children. The toddler was later found dead in the bucket of water.

In Okondatu location, Okakarara Constituency, a 36-year-old man had enough of rumours about him committing sodomy and decided to take his own life. Sergeant Matheus informed the media that Karupa Tjihimise committed suicide by hanging himself with a wire in his room. He allegedly left a note that said people used to claim he was homosexual.

His next of kin has been informed.

A baby died in the Gobabis prison.

Matheus said the mother, Angela Mutandwa, a Zimbabwean national found the two-day-old boy dead when she woke up at 04h00.

A post-mortem concluded the baby had been born prematurely and died of related complications. The baby did not have a name yet and his birth was not registered.

The infant’s mother was arrested on 30 May for overstaying her visa and was sentenced to a fine of N$4 000 or eight months’ imprisonment. The sergeant could not provide any new information on Monday.

Last Thursday a Chinese national, 35-year-old Chunlai Lei, was robbed of three cellphones, a computer and a suitcase containing N$70 000 while he was asleep in 7de Laan location.

The total value of the items is N$100 000 and no one was arrested.

On Friday, in Kayengona Village in the Rundu District a man allegedly took a 15-year-old girl who was under the influence of alcohol to his room from the bar and had sexual intercourse with her without her consent.

A 20-year-old man was arrested and police investigations continue.

Source : New Era