Two Killed in Road Accident

A Zimbabwean motorist (43) was arrested by the police on Saturday at Kahenge after the car he was driving bumped two boys aged 16 and 17.

The deadly incident occurred at Marema, a village in the Kahenge constituency in the Kavango West Region. It is reported that the driver, who is now in custody, was overtaking another vehicle when he lost control and ended up bumping the two pedestrians. They both died on the spot. The accident occurred at around 14h19 on Saturday not far from the villages where the two deceased hail from.

The two deceased were identified as Kasanga Mathias Mpengo (17) from Nambi village and Mbangu Lucas Kandongo (16) from the neighbouring village of Marema. The case will now be sent to the Prosecutor General for a decision. Meanwhile, the police at Kahenge are still looking for an unknown suspect in connection with the theft of six goats, earlier this year. The estimated value of the stolen goats is N$3000. The goats were stolen at Mukekete, a village in the Kavango West Region. Only one goat has been recovered. Police have appealed to any member of the public with information regarding the theft to report at the Kahenge police station.

Source : New Era