UDF Member Threatens NBC Reporter

UNITED Democratic Front politician Nampara Amgabes allegedly threatened to ‘beat up’ Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) senior reporter Blanche Goreses during the party’s star rally at Khorixas on Saturday.

Goreses said she was sitting in the NBC vehicle near the UDF office waiting for party members who were marching through Khorixas when Amgabes approached her and NBC cameraman Eben Rietz.

Amgabes asked the cameraman, who was standing outside the vehicle, why the NBC crew was not covering the march as well as the arrival of the UDF president Apius !Auchab.

Goreses said they had not been informed about the programme and asked Amgabes to channel her concerns to NBC management.

“I did not say we will not cover it. How could we have known, if no one from UDF informed us about the arrival of the party president?” Goreses said.

Amgabes was infuriated and she threatened to beat up Goreses, who told her that she will open a case with the police.

“I will beat you up. Don’t play with me. I sent the programme to Mr Vries and he was supposed to inform you,” Amgabes was overheard by The Namibian before Rietz asked her to calm down.

Amgabes was then taken to a vehicle by another UDF member who diffused the situation.

Yesterday Amgabes said The Namibian should also write about UDF members who were allegedly threatened by Swapo members at Donkerhoek informal settlement of Khorixas.

“Even though the media intends to break UDF’s image, it won’t happen. Is the sabotage of UDF more important than what happened to Blanche? Which story is bigger?” she asked.

The NBC crew then recorded the arrival of the UDF president and the party’s march in King Justus Garoeumlb street.

NBC director general Albertus Aochamub told The Namibian that “Any threat implied, covert or overt against any media practitioner must be condemned in the gest terms possible. We take serious exception to such forms of intimidation”.

At the rally, UDF secretary general Hage Gawaseb said he was disappointed by the media, especially NBC, and the police for being absent when Swapo members allegedly provoked UDF supporters in Donkerhoek informal settlement, a perceived ghold of the ruling party.

“We are truly disappointed by the police for not maintaining law and order,” Gawaseb said.

According to Gawaseb, Swapo members put their party flags on UDF cars during a UDF march, blocking their way. He praised his party members for their good behaviour of not fighting with Swapo members but warned, “I am ready to die for my people if need be. Allow us to have our activities in peace, anywhere in the country” Gawaseb said.

Without mentioning specific newspapers, he accused the print media of writing lies about the UDF.

UDF politicians in Khorixas are known for threatening reporters. A freelance reporter was arrested after writing about drought relief food being sold to local businessmen.

The article was about UDF members benefiting from drought relief food while Swapo supporters were overlooked in some areas.

Source : The Namibian