Uis Farm Without Water for Six Months

FARM ‘Uis Two’ in the Daures constituency of Erongo has been without water for six months.

There are 25 people, half of them pensioners, and 700 cattle and other livestock on the farm, according to Fransiska Tjiveze, who claims to have been born on the farm 43 years ago and has lived there since.

“We have 400 head of cattle and 300 other livestock which we have to take to another farm 10 kilometres away for water. We have also not received a drop of rain and the pastures are in a bad shape, but what can we do?” she said.

The people also don’t have water.

“We struggle to get water. We have to get water from Uis, which is seven kilometres away. I have to use my donkeys every day to go there. They donkeys are also tired and skinny. The water on the other farms is too brackish for us to cook with,” she complained. According to her, maintenance officials from Erongo’s directorate of rural water supply have been to the farms to investigate the problem.

“They said the pumps do not work and they took the faulty parts to their office in Karibib. I phoned them to make a follow up and they said they had not got the replacement parts. There’s enough water but there’s no pump,” she said.

Tjiveze said she called rural water supply directorate last Thursday and spoke to Louw Kakorua who told her that if they get the parts, they will come and fix the pump.

Kakorua acknowledged communicating with Tjiveze but said this was the first time that he had heard of the matter since he only started working at the Karibib office in November.

“I asked them how they would feel if they had to be without water for six months. They just said when they get parts they will come fix the water pumps,” said Tjiveze.

She claimed that the office also told her to write a letter about the problem, which she said she did, but to date has not had any reply. Head of Erongo’s directorate of rural water supply Uahorekua Usurua said that no one had brought the problem to his attention.

“I find it strange that people could be without water for six months. Can you believe it?” he said adding that the procedures to get the problem rectified were “straight forward.”

“We have an officer who takes the complaints and then we have a job-card system whereby a team is sent out to do repairs where required. And if there were people who did not get help, they should have called me,” said Usurua.

“It’s not a big issue. We are here to provide a service. If it does not come to my attention, it would be very difficult for me to know what is happening.”

Source : The Namibian