Unam in Acostly Re-Branding Exercise

THE University of Namibia (Unam) will launch its new brand on 18 February 2015 at a cost of N$4 million.

Unam director of communications and marketing Edwin Tjiramba said it is not a secret that Unam is an amalgamation of many former education institutions.

He said in consultation with the university’s communications team, the vice chancellor’s management committee (VCMC) began a journey to re-focus Unam’s various faculties, departments and student bodies around its vision, “Be a beacon of excellence and innovation in teaching, research and extension services”.

Tjiramba said a need therefore existed to unite the various parts of the university around this vision and imbuing its many components with a renewed sense of purpose.

“Key objectives of both the strategy and design components of this project include establishing a single world class and instantly recognisable identity that can be successfully applied across the university’s various faculties and touch points. Owing to our large presence across the country, another critical function is to provide a platform for a more unified culture within the university,” he said.

Furthermore, Tjiramba said the central idea is to focus on Unam’s ability to combine the great traditions of academia with the kind of new thinking that only a young and dynamic university can achieve.

“Unam is a progressive institution, we are not entrenched in centuries of tradition and so we are able, even compelled, to look to the future. We can carve a new path and we wanted an inspiring identity that conveyed this sense of opportunity,” he asserted.

Tjiramba said the new logo will coexist with UNAM’s coat of arms, which is being re-crafted to better suit its new, more elevated function. This, he says, is in line with global best practice.

He said Unam’s coat of arms is being imbued with a higher purpose. After the re-branding process is complete, it will appear only in an official capacity on documents and certificates and at significant events such as the awarding of degrees.

“The new logo on the other hand will be rolled out across the university’s many touch points from signage and publications to Unam’s website and eventually on-campus installations and public art.”

Unam’s spokesperson John Haufiku told The Namibian that the re-branding will cost the university around N$ 4million.

“This amount is predominantly on signage, and the aertising placement. We will do the comprehensive branding in phases. Right now, the key priority is signage at all our campuses and Centres,” Haufiku said adding that this will help the institution better relate with its stakeholders and customers.

Haufiku also said Unam believes the two colours, red and yellow, with red being dominant, leave less room for confusion, and better re-enforce the university’s identity.

“In the past, we had red, yellow, green and sometimes blue to be associated with. The former logo has not been discarded, it has been elevated to a code of arms, actually, that is what it has truly been,” he said.

Source : The Namibian