Unam Suspends Lecturer Over Exam Boycott

THE University of Namibia has suspended human resources management lecturer Josephine Haubas and launched an investigation into her conduct after students boycotted exams in her subject early this week.

Unam spokesperson John Haufiku confirmed the suspension on Tuesday evening, and said Haubas had not been suspended because of leaked papers in June, but because of an exam boycott on Monday this week. Media reports on said Unam’s human resources management students boycotted the examination, after realising that the paper did not cover the material they had been taught. The module, which Haubas taught ,was among six examination papers withdrawn.

Unam withdrew the examinations for third and final year Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) students on 12 June 2014, after they had been leaked.

Meanwhile, a statement posted on the student portal last month said third-year BBA students’ classes for the second semester will start on 29 July 2014, while the final year students’ classes for the second semester start on 05 August.

No tests or assignment deadlines will be scheduled during the supplementary examination period (from 11 to 15 August) for third and fourth-year BBA students.

The statement also said no tests or assignment deadlines will be scheduled during the period 28 July 2014 to 11 August 2014.

Individual students who qualify for the supplementary examination on 15 August 2014 should get extensions for any deadlines or tests during the supplementary week, and where needed, make-up classes will be conducted to ensure that the second semester curriculum is covered.

The final examination results will be released on 29 August 2014, and final year students are expected to submit their final year research project reports on 30 September 2014.


Source : The Namibian