UNAM Won’t Build Medical School in Oshakati

THE University of Namibia (Unam) has dismissed claims that it intends building another school of medicine in Oshakati.

Earlier this week, the chief executive officer of Oshakati Werner Iita told the media that the council had availed land to Unam for the construction of a school of medicine in the town. The other Unam school of medicine is in Windhoek.

Unam public relations officer, John Haufiku who expressed ignorance of the project when contacted by The Namibian for comment recently, has clarified the issue, saying Unam does not intend building another school of medicine at Oshakati but accommodation facilities for the medical students sent to the north.

“Unam is not building a new school of medicine at Oshakati. The university plans to construct new infrastructure, primarily for accommodation, to support students in the north,” said Haufiku.

“Medical students, spend long periods of training at hospitals in the north while they do not necessarily all come from the north. Providing accommodation for them is therefore an issue that needs to get priority,” he added.

Haufiku further said that currently many of the Unam students in the north do not have accommodation facilities and thus these new facilities will cater for their accommodation needs.

Asked why the university was setting up so many infrastructures at Oshakati and Onwgediva compared to other towns, Haufiku said the university took the opportunity to improve and expand their services after the Oshakati town council availed free land to the institution.

“If any town, city or village donates land to the Unam and we see a viable opportunity that makes sense, and addresses national needs, we will accept such gift with open arms,” he said.

Source : The Namibian