Unbearable smell from Gibeon’s sewerage system continue to haunt residents

GIBEON: The unbearable smell from Gibeon’s sewerage system still continue to haunt residents of this sleepy southern town.

Foul smelling sewerage that flows in residential erven and streets at the town has become the order of the day, much to the dismay of residents here.

Residents have expressed their concern over the unpleasant situation they are living in, with children playing around the sewage water while animals like donkeys drink such water.

The residents told Nampa that the issue started in 2011, shortly after the Gibeon Village Council installed the N.dollars 20 million vacuum sewerage system. The sewerage system was initially intended as a pilot project through the line ministry.

One of the residents, an elderly Anna Lukor, said she tried everything she could to resolve the issue but all her efforts were in vain.

The village Councilor ,Jeremias Gregory Van Neel, said he is aware of the situation and he will attend to it as soon as possible.