Uncle Rapes Teenage Nephew

Six rapes were reported over the weekend, including on Saturday when a 26-year-old man raped his 14-year-old nephew.

According to Inspector Slogan Matheus from the Police Public Relations Division the incident took place at midday at Iitapa village near Okahao.

The rape victim had just taken a shower and went into the uncle’s room in search of body lotion but found the uncle lying on the bed. It is alleged the uncle jumped on the nephew, pulled him onto the bed and proceeded to rape him, Matheus said.

The 26-year-old man was arrested and would appear in the Okahao Magistrate’s Court today.

According to family members the uncle recently returned from abroad where he was studying theology through a ‘gospel church’, but they say he appears to be mentally unstable.

Unconfirmed reports indicate he studied in two foreign countries, but it’s not clear which countries.

He allegedly also studied at one of the local higher learning institutions where he dropped out to join the church, which sent him to study abroad. Another rape took place at Makonoga village in the Bukalo area, where an eight-year-old girl was allegedly raped by a 23-year-old man.It is alleged the suspect went into the bushes with his minor cousin and had sex with her. The man was arrested and is due to appear in court today. Another rape took place last Thursday at Oshikuku sha Shipya village near Oshikuku, where a 13-year-old girl, a Grade 5 learner, was allegedly raped by a man while playing a game of hide and seek at night. The victim allegedly went to hide as per the game’s format, and the man followed her and raped her. The suspect is known, but after the incident came to light he fled and yesterday was still at large. At Omatuni village also near Okahao a 23-year-old woman was raped by her 21-year-old neighbour. It is alleged the victim took her cellphone for charging to a nearby location, and on her way home the suspect followed the woman and as they walked past the man’s residence he took out a knife, twisted the victim’s arm and pulled her into his bedroom and raped her. In Mariental armed robbers held up at gunpoint the owner of Cordacal Market and got away with N$35 000 in cash, three cellphones, a laptop and a 9mm CZ pistol, all together valued at N$50 000.The suspects fled the scene and yesterday were still at large. Police investigations into the matter continue.

On Saturday at Vergenoeg, Block E in Rehoboth, a 14-year-old girl was raped by two men. It is alleged that the suspects who are brothers were drinking with the victim at their home. When the mother of the victim went looking for her, she found the girl lying naked between the two brothers who were also naked.

On Friday at Epako settlement in Gobabis, a 12-year-old girl was walking from her parents’ house to go and visit her uncle in the same vicinity. Suddenly three young men appeared from the dark, grabbed her, kicked her all over her body and threatened to kill her. One of the suspects allegedly then raped her.

Source : New Era