Unemployed parents in Muyako withdraw their children from school

KATIMA MULILO: Several unemployed parents in the Muyako area have withdrawn their children from attending school due to financial problems.

Parents told Nampa yesterday that they pulled out their Grade 1 to 5 school-going children from the Muyako Primary School because they cannot afford to buy them new school uniforms.

A total of 10 children were withdrawn from the school.

Melvin Sibitwani Matengu told Nampa that the move to withdraw their children from the school was necessitated by the hardship that had befallen parents who derived their livelihood from Lake Lyambezi.

Matengu is one of over 150 fishermen and fish buyers, who lost thousands of Namibian dollars after NamPol officials allegedly set alight their reed structures, which also contained their national documents, during a clean-up operation along Lake Lyambezi on 23 December 2014.

Other items allegedly also destroyed in the patrol infused fire during the police clean-up at Muyako and Zilitenye villages – which are both divided by the lake – were clothes, beds, refrigerators powered by gas, and some fresh and dry salted fish.