UNHCR’s country representative commends Namibia for offering assistance and protection to refugees

OSIRE: United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) country representative Lawrence Mgbangson has commended Namibia for offering assistance and protection to refugees in compliance with international and domestic refugee laws and practices.

Mgbangson, who was speaking at the Osire Refugee Camp on World Refugee Day on Friday, said Namibia has worked hard to find a durable solution to the issue of the thousands of refugees who were previously living in the country.

The camp has a school which offers primary school and secondary school level education. Some fortunate learners even go on to study at institutions of higher learning.

Osire also has a clinic which is manned by well-trained medical officers and nurses, and is well stocked with drugs. The camp in addition has a police station with more than 20 police officers.

Mgbangson stated said one can say the Osire refugees are fortunate thanks to the unlimited hospitality extended to them by the people and government of Namibia.

Joint efforts by the Namibian government, UNCHR, the World Food Programme, International Organisation for Migration and African Humanitarian Action have helped to bring the refugee population down from 20 000 in the 1990s to less than 4 000 currently.