Unheralded C to Make Poll Debut

The Christian Democratic Voice (C) cannot wait to debut in this year’s national elections, the party’s Secretary General, Michael Nawabeb says C is a fitting alternative to Swapo because all minority political parties have over the years failed to unseat the predominant Swapo party.

Speaking to New Era during an interview on Tuesday, Nawabeb said although C was only registered with the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) last year and will therefore be competing in national elections for the first time when Namibians go to the polls in November, it does not fear any of its political rivals.

“We are the alternative to the ruling Swapo party. Promises made over the last 24 years have not been fulfilled and that is one of the reasons why we decided to form a new party. This will be a truthful and honest party that will present the electorate with leaders that will represent them. We do not fear any of the parties because God is the one who carries everyone,” asserted Nawabeb.

He also said the party wants to break Swapo’s dominance by breaking its two-thirds majority.

“This coming elections must be a turning point for all people to make a change to better leadership,” said the Secretary General of the Usakos-based party.

The party’s primary campaign theme is: “Now is the time for change, yes we can make a change.”

Nawabeb also accused local political parties of neglecting the voters once elected into parliament.

“We want to break the two-thirds in parliament so that issues can be discussed openly and for the opposition to have a say,” Nawabeb said.

“We want to bring change in this country and not follow in the footsteps of some of the leaders who only used their time in power to enrich themselves at the expense of the voters.

This country needs a government that can deliver services to the poor and curb unemployment. Unemployment in itself should be a reason for us to come up with job creation policies,” he said.

The party will launch its manifesto next weekend and simultaneously release its National Assembly party list, which has already been drawn up.

“Our manifesto focuses on job creation, land, education, health and housing. These are some of the areas that we feel we will improve,” he said.

The launch will take place on Saturday in Swakopmund at the coast.

Source : New Era