Union Concerned Over Mine Workers’ Safety

THE Mineworkers Union of Namibia has raised serious concern over the health and safety of mine workers, especially in small mines.

MUN general secretary Ebenezer Zarondo told Nampa yesterday that due to a lack of finances, small mines are finding it hard to meet the set safety requirements for their employees.

“When it comes to small mines, it is becoming a problem regarding the health and safety of mine workers,” said Zarondo.

He referred to an incident in which about 18 workers were allegedly forced to share a single container as a bedroom.

Zarondo said such behaviour will not be tolerated by the union.

The general secretary said employers are failing to address such situations, which often result in unlawful strikes.

“We are concerned about the injuries at the small mines. The problem is that members themselves do not tackle measures regarding their health and this is also becoming a problem,” Zarondo said.

He added that the union is also experiencing some difficulties with diamond polishing and cutting companies and companies that produce marble, because such companies are not honouring their employees’ contracts.

Source : The Namibian