United Stars Players Boycott Training Over Salary Cut

Rundu-based United Stars Football Club (FC) players have boycotted training over a salary dispute with their management.

All 27 players registered with the Premiership outfit decided to stay away from training since Monday this week, apparently because the team made some deductions from the players’ salaries after the team lost two games.

Some of the player’s salaries were deducted for apparently not featuring in some of the league games.

Amounts deducted from the player’s salaries range from between N$700 to N$1 500.

Due to the salary cuts, all the players resolved to stay away from the training grounds until such time that the team management refunds them their outstanding monies.

Nampa has it on good authority that some players residing outside the town of Rundu have already packed their bags and gone back to their villages.

United Stars’ team captain Miguel Manaza confirmed to this news agency on Wednesday that the players have indeed stopped training, until the team management pays back their monies.

Manaza said the issue of deducting player’ salaries for losing games and for not featuring in league games, is not stipulated in the contract which the players signed with the team. He said players are supposed to get their full salaries regardless of whether they win or lose games.

He said as per the contract they signed, players are also supposed to earn a winning bonus of N$200 per game won.RUNDU –

“We have boycotted, and they should refund us before we start training,” said the United Stars captain, who added that they also have bills to pay and families to support.

One of the goalkeepers of the team, Lloyd Nalisa said the players are unhappy with the fact that they are paid their salaries in cash instead of it being deposited into their banks accounts.

Nalisa stated that the players are further demanding that the newly appointed chairperson of the club Wencislaus Kasera and incumbent coach Paul Mallembu be removed from their positions so that the club can appoint new people who are competent to run the Rundu-based premiership outfit.

The players said they want their axed coach David Snewe to be reinstated, as they do not understand why he was removed from that position in the first place.

Snewe, who last season fought to ensure that the club remained in the country’s top-flight football league, was relieved of his duties apparently because the club could no longer afford his salary, which remains undisclosed.

The team’s spokesperson, Daniel Namwira confirmed to Nampa on Wednesday that the players have indeed boycotted training over their salary deductions, but quickly added that the team’s management will convene an urgent meeting sometime this week to iron out the issue.

United Stars FC is currently on seven points from five matches played in the Premier League to date.

Approached for comment, United Stars Chairperson Wencislaus Kasera told this news agency on Wednesday that all players received their salaries in full.

Kasera stated that he was not aware of the players boycotting training, saying that the players have been given leave from training until next week Monday.

United Stars will resume their Premiership matches on 22 November when they meet Civics FC.


Source : The Namibian