Unroadworthy vehicles to be suspended

WINDHOEK: The National Road Safety Council (NRSC) on Tuesday morning re-committed their role in safety for all road users during the handover of sponsorships to the Motor Vehicle Accident Fund (MVA) by various companies for this upcoming festive season.

Head Communications of NRSC, Ambrosius Tierspoor, said this season many motorists will make use of the B1 and B2 respectively to go to their respective holiday destinations or homes to visit families. The B1 is the main road running north to south, while the B2 is feeding the traffic from east to west.

The presence of a strong engagement of Traffic law enforcement officials are playing a major role in the reduction of motor vehicle accidents said Tierspoor.

The NRSC will take on a two prong approach when it comes to road safety this season Tierspoor said. The media on education and the law enforcement in terms of road safety and behavior.

‘This means there will be an aggressive screening in terms of driving under the influence of alcohol as well as to check at least 500 vehicles daily for roadworthiness.’ Tierspoor said. This operation will be in force during the whole 2015/2016 festive season.

On roadworthiness Tierspoor said all vehicles not deemed fit to be on road should be suspended as they endanger the lives of others, and by doing this many lives can be saved.

Apart from screening on drinking and driving as well as roadworthiness, speed will also be a factor and as much as eight speed check points will be in operation on both the B1 and B2.

During the sponsorship hand over that saw an amount of more than N.Dollar 1.8 million from various businesses and other role-players in the roads and safety sector, Tierspoor called on Emergency services to pledge their services in cases of emergency. It is not always about being paid, but to pledge their support towards this festive season Tierspoor said.

‘If we ( all road safety stakeholders) can not the problem (road safety) from all sides, including the private sector and civil society we are going to have a losing game.’ Tierspoor ended his call on all relevant role-players involved with road safety.

Since the start of the road safety campaign on 16 November till the morning of 08 December, 50 people perished in 256 motor vehicle crashes while 461 were injured.

The theme for this year’s road safety campaign is ‘Road Safety is my Responsibility’.