Uproar over fireworks at the coast as pets go missing

SWAKOPMUND: Pet lovers and animal right activists at Swakopmund are calling for a total ban on of the private use of fireworks, while urging for strict measures against the illegal sales and use of fireworks.

Speaking to Nampa in an interview yesterday, the Public Relations Officer at the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) at Swakopmund, Theresa Badenhorst, called for the town authorities to fight the illegal sales of fireworks.

The call came after the SPCA took in 17 dogs and five cats, which escaped their homes in fear of fireworks during the New Year celebrations last week.

Badenhorst said fines imposed on the illegal fireworks, which amounts to N.Dollars 600 or 12 months imprisonment, were not severe enough to deter the practise.

She said people do not realise the impact the loud bangs of fireworks have on dogs, cats and even wildlife and birds.

She added that a dog’s sense of hearing is significantly greater than that of a human.