Upsurge in Chronic Disease – Dr Uddin

There is a need for health education among communities in the Katutura constituency, a medical doctor told New Era.

“We feel that there is not much health education in this place,” said Dr Mosleh Uddin on Saturday.

Uddin said the rate of chronic diseases in Namibia is high because there is “poor knowledge and poor education,” on good eating habits as well as the prevention of chronic diseases.

He spoke to New Era on the sidelines of the recently opened Tura Medical Centre open day that took place on Saturday. “Our goal is to educate people to prevent common illnesses,” said Uddin.

The open day was mainly to create awareness on the existence of the Tura Medical Centre that has been operational for about six months, he said.

Residents in the various locations of the Katutura central constituency were on Saturday tested for glucose, high blood pressure and body mass index without paying for those services.

Patients who needed treatment and medical aice after the tests were also referred to doctors for further consultation. The open day started at 10h00 to 17h00 and numerous people were tested.

“We found that sugar in some people is high. Some indicated that they are on treatment but it is still high. For some it’s under control,” said Uddin who explained patients were aised to take care of themselves by controlling what they eat in order to avoid complications. “It is the first time that I am hearing that my blood pressure is high,” said an elderly man.

“I am glad that there is a health centre close to us. I just hope they are here to stay. These doctors should provide good services to the people. Their intention should not just be to make money but they should attend to patients with love. I hope that they can speak the majority of the Namibian languages because there are people who don’t speak English in this area,” said another elderly man.

Walter Pakarae said: “I am thankful that we have a health centre close to us. We don’t have to walk long distances to access health services even if its private I think the fees are reasonable.”

Katutura Central Constituency Councillor, Ambrosius Kandjii, welcomed the move of establishing a medical centre in that constituency.

“Even if it is private it will be good competition and people will have health services closer to them,” stated Kandjii.

Uddin made the observation there is a high patient load and the Katutura hospital as well as the private doctor consulting services in that constituency alone cannot contain the load. “We brought in various services under one roof to attend to the needs of the people,” Uddin explained.

Physiotherapist, Roland Resfranson said many people are not aware that there is a medical centre in the Katutura Central Constituency. The medical centre has been in existence for the past six months.

“When we meet people they don’t even realise that we provide services here. If we had not arranged this open day none of these people would have been here,” Resfranson said.

The Tura health centre houses medical doctors, pharmacists, a dentist, a physiotherapist and a gym amongst other services.

Source : New Era