Urban Land System Launched

TECHNO Brain Ltd in collaboration with the ministry of urban and rural development this week officially launched the urban land information management system in Namibia.

The system will assist the ministry, local authorities and other stakeholders in managing urban lands and enhancing effective local authority governance. The launch took place in Windhoek.

The system provides a platform that enables local authorities to access, update and manage urban land information.

The system also automates many of the processes in the ministry such as those dealing with submission, review and approval of applications. The system is set up centrally and is accessible from anywhere in Namibia through the internet.

Techno Brain pioneered the system having in mind that African governments must deliver agility, accuracy, security and transparency, using systems that empower rather than restrict.

“This is a great day, not just for Techno Brain and the people of Namibia, but for Africa as a whole. Over the decades, land matters have been a major challenge in the continent,” said Verile Nicol-Wilson, general manager at Techno Brain Namibia.

Source : The Namibian