Van Rhyn Inaugurates Rhynies Pre-Primary

The Van Rhyn Primary School launched its Rhynies Pre-primary consisting of two classrooms.

This is the first year Van Rhyn is enrolling the pre-primary learners to its school, started with only 25 learners on February 3, this year. Some of the big prominent personalities in education attending the event included Education Inspector for the Khomas region, Urbanus Kaihiva and Senior Education Officer for pre-primaries for the Khomas region, Milka Khoeses.

Speaking at the launch, Kaihiva said he is heartened to see how the Rhynies pre-primary is creatively tying together its facilities to prepare its learners for the future. “It’s good to see the effort taken by this school to invest in the foundation of our future leaders. The school has restricted special rooms from the ground floor to allow learners to pursue their explorations seamlessly from indoor to outdoor as it can be seen here today,” he says.

He adds the school is still in the process of structuring the play area (playground) for the little ones. “Van Rhyn has made great strides on an exciting journey to create a rich learning environment where students will grow holistically and become future ready,” he says.

Senior Educational Officer for Khomas region, Milka Khoeses, says currently the pre-primary learners are under the mentorship of two teachers who will be given in-service training on how to deal with them. “Our offices will support, guide, aise, control as well as monitor the teachers by giving them training and hosting workshops,” she says.

Source : New Era