Venaani Apologises for Witbooi Comment

McHenry Venaani took to Facebook on Friday morning to withdraw his statement made in National Assembly early this week when he said the late Kaptein Hendrik Witbooi is overrated.

Venaani questioned why Witbooi is praised more than other late leaders such as Samuel Maharero and Cornelius Fredericks, who, in his opinion, contributed more to the country than Witbooi.

“Let’s stop this overrating,” he said.

His statement caused a public outcry with some members of the public saying that it was cheap politics from the DTA president.

In a Facebook post this morning, Venaani apologised for his use of the word ‘overrated’ referring to the Kaptein.

This is how his Facebook post verbatim:

“[Leadership is the art of communication and to do so in language of clarity with honour and dignity! I used the word overrated on the persona of my hero Auta Naneb Capt Hendrik Witbooi which caused great harm too many as my intent was not to question his deed but allow broader recognition of others!

As Snr leader of our Republic I should have used a better word then overrated!

Thus I unreservedly apologise first to his memory as our revered leader and to all Namibians and in particular the great Nama people!

I thus offer retraction of the word overrated and humbly apologise as my intent was not the persona of Auta but a matter of recognition!

I shall use parliament to officially retract my use of the unfortunate word unconditionally! As student of history I shall go down on my knees and apologise to the Witbooi clan with praising Auta with his famous praise song Koroto Uenga rakauninga etaazu ndiharenge ombanda (the short king whose spear never leave a hole in ones cloth ’cause when he shoots ‘ur dead men)!

Leaders are human and too they err in judgement of words and I ask forgiveness! I am no tribalist and has no purpose to divide people help me too to work towards bringing recognition to many of our leaders in whose service we enjoy freedom! My sincerest apologies.]”

Source : The Namibian