Venaani demands to see voters’ roll

WINDHOEK; The DTA of Namibia president expressed concern that less than a week before the Presidential and National Assembly elections, his party has not yet received the official voters’ roll.

McHenry Venaani said this during his party’s penultimate election campaign rally here on Saturday, noting that he had informed the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Election Observer team of such malpractice on the side of Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN).

He said this is a recurring problem at every general election.

The 2014 voters’ roll was gazetted on 06 November.

“A political party can only be strong, obviously in the absence of a credible voters’ roll,” he added.

The DTA, he stated, is not going to fight an election on the bases of party rallies but will fight credible elections on the bases of the number of Namibians who go and cast their votes.

Venaani said he also informed the SADC Observer Mission that no political party, besides the ruling party, could hang election campaign posters in the four northern regions of Namibia.

Said the DTA leader: “You are reading every day how our flags and banners are taken down by the ruling party’s mobs.”

He, therefore, demanded fair play in the run-up to the elections, adding that his party believes in hard work and has travelled the length and breadth of this country to campaign.

“You have seen on national television how we are canvassing (for votes). We are gaining the best political momentum in this election than ever before. We have proven that we are the epitome of youth support in this country,” said Venaani.

He also announced that his party had recently received 140 new members from the ruling party in the Kunene Region.

Referring to the results of Namibians who voted abroad, Venaani said his party is showing all the signs of growth, stating that the DTA came second in Malaysia and England, respectively and thus broke the two-third majority in both countries.

He urged Namibians to go and vote for the love of the country and for a better Namibia, and not for the love of the party.

The DTA will have its final rally in Keetmanshoop on Sunday.