Venaani Engages Commuting Workers – Takes Campaign Onto Municipal Bus

As part of his political campaign DTA president McHenry Venaani got to experience first-hand Windhoek’s public transport system when he boarded a municipal bus yesterday and engaged voters.

Venaani started his trip by boarding a Windhoek municipal bus at Dolam bus stop at 07h00 on its way to Olympia transporting mostly domestic and shop workers.

Venaani who is the DTA presidential candidate for the presidential elections scheduled for November 28 said the trip had been “an experience”.

He said he had listened to the plight of commuters, who told him about how the bus was inconvenient and often overcrowded.

“We have grown up on buses as children but the worrying part is the late coming of the buses,” said Venaani who some months ago slept in a shack at the height of the cold season in what was seen as a publicity stunt.

Another problem, he said, was the lack of public buses going to the new Grove Mall. “There are too many workers who live in the location but they are struggling to get to the new mall simply because there is no bus going there,” said Venaani.

Venaani said what worried him the most was a woman who said that since the bus was delayed she was late and thus would not write her exams.

“These are some of the issues as national leaders we should have a look at,” he said.

“But I must add that this country is a great country – it can become a bigger country, our hopes and aspirations lie in our tomorrow,” he said, adding: “By taking this country forward we need to improve and bring effective, efficient service delivery on behalf of ordinary men and women.”

He also used the opportunity to congratulate the Windhoek Municipality for a job well done.

“Some of these buses – I remember them since I was a kid and it is very clear that they are well maintained,” said Venaani.

He said what needs to be done is to bring on board more buses and ensure the buses arrive on time.

“There must be proper timing so that commuters do not suffer,” he added.

However there was mixed reaction among commuters some saying why is he “only doing it during election year”.

“Don’t bring those DTA posters to me, leave us in peace, I am a Swapo supporter,” said one commuter.

Another commuter Memory Moyo said it was actually great that one of their leaders was at least trying to understand the lives of ordinary citizens.

“Although I am not a DTA supporter I am a big fan of Venaani,” she said.

Moyo said his action was a clear indication that should he be elected into power he would understand the plight of the poor.

“I am not surprised – maybe his car broke down and this is the cheapest mode of transport,” said Ida Swartz.

Deshi Kamati said he was happy to see Venaani on the bus, adding that it should not be the first and last time a politician visits them. “Actually this should be a good example for other leaders to follow,” she said.

Adam Kazondunge said he was surprised by the presence of his leader on the bus.

“At first I thought my eyes are fooling me but yes, where on this earth have you seen a party president boarding a public bus?” he said.

“This is good, this is good,” he added.

Some commuters were shouting “you got my vote, you got my vote,” as they disembarked.

Venaani was accompanied by DTA youth leader Benson Katjirijova, among others.

Source : New Era